3 Things about Pinterest I wish I had known when I started

I have a confession to make: I am slowly becoming obsessed with Pinterest.

I already loved Pinterest as a private user. I have lots of great boards that give me ideas for DIY, products to buy, etc. But I had never used it for marketing. I did a lot of work on Facebook and Twitter and always got frustrated with how short the life-span of a tweet or Facebook post was.

So, about a year ago I decided to try Pinterest to promote my own blog posts. I also started using it for other profiles. But to tell you the truth, I was a bit sceptical.

I understood that Pinterest was somewhere where people went to search for things they were interested. But I wasn't sure it was going to work for every niche.

One year on, I think trying Pinterest is one of the best things I ever did for my profiles but wish somebody had told me the following three things


The 3 things every beginner blogger should know about Pinterest.

3 things I wish I had known about Pinterest

3 things I wish I had known about Pinterest

3 things I wish I had known about Pinterest

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3 things I wish I had known about Pinterest

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Pinterest is seasonal

When you think about it, it's clear that people use Pinterest to look for things that they are interested in. So when Christmas is coming, they start looking around in Pinterest for gift ideas. Same for Mother and Father's Days, and other occasions. 

And this matters because Pins take a little while to take off. So you need to schedule your pins well in advance of whatever occasion you're planning for.

This means your blog content also has to be planned to fit with Pinterest seasons. So you need to be getting your Christmas gift guides out in October if you can. And this means you must have researched them and prepared your blog posts in September.

I have had to rearrange my content calendar a couple of times over the year because I didn't really understand what to pin for each month.

That is until I found this planner from Twins Mommy here, and this one from Simple Pin Media that you can get here. I found both of them very helpful and I had a much better idea about what to do and what people are interested in every month.

Create seasonal evergreen content to make the most out of Pinterest's seasons year after year. #pinterestmarketing #bloggingtips

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You have to be consistent

This is something that works for all social media. Because you have to be out there for people to find you and you have to keep posting regularly.

And I found out is that with Pinterest this is also very important. Because of the way Pinterest works, how people use group boards and because Pinterest rewards new content. 

With Pinterest you need to be consistent creating new content as well as repinning old content. #Pinteresttips #Pinterestmarketing #socialmedia

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It doesn't matter if you pin manually or use schedulers.

If you drop the ball, your views, engagement and traffic will go down.  So using a scheduler has become a must for me. Cos I am not always next to a computer. 

And if you are not consistent you will see your traffic decrease.

This happened to me when I dropped BoardBooster a few months ago, or when I was dealing with some blogging emergencies (don't ask), and I couldn't find the time to reload my Tailwind or pin manually.

This was before I got access to Tailwind's SmartLoop, by the way. Now it's easier for me.

And you also want to be consistent when you use Tailwind's Tribes, cos they really help you getting more views and sending more traffic to your blog when you start.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Pinterest takes a long time

Another thing about Pinterest is that it can be very time consuming when you start.

Facebook, Twitter and the others are much easier to do, in my opinion. It's also easier to set everything up. But with Pinterest you need to:

  • use more images
  • be more intentional with your keywords
  • have clear and varied pin descriptions
  • use the right hashtags
  • organise your boards
  • interact in group boards (though not so much now)

Figuring out what to pin and when can also take you a while if you are new.

And going through the analytics also takes a lot longer than with some of the other social media.

While I can completely automate Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Linkedin, with Pinterest, I had to put a lot more work and it was slower to get going.

The good thing is that the results are worth it.

Pins also last much longer than tweets or Facebook posts, so it's absolutely fantastic for evergreen content.

The drawback is that it's not so great for short FLASH SALES, unless you promote your pins, which I haven't tried yet.

I also wish I'd known that a Pin can go viral immediately but it can also take months for Pinterest to work its magic. This can come as a surprise with a great spike in your blog traffic or unexpected sales (like the 17 towels somebody ordered through one of my pins) m.onths after you posted a pin. 

What I wish somebody had given me

After a few weeks of pinning, I realised that wasn't following any particular system. I was also forgetting to pin my older pins.  I wasn't being consistent either.

So I spent ages reading blog post after blog post and book after book. I also took several Pinterest courses to try to find some methods and strategies that I could use for my different profiles.

And I spend weeks and weeks trying different ways to organise my pinning so it all made sense to me and the different profiles I use.

Some of my profiles have lots of content already and some have very little. Some profiles with lots of followers and growing fast, and others that grew a lot more slowly. Some profiles with lots of group boards and some with a maximum of 3.

I know I am not the only one that gets a bit lost with Pinterest, most of the questions I get from my subscribers are about Pinterest scheduling. So I decided to put some of these pinning methods in a guide for Pinterest beginners.

If you are a bit lost and want to learn several ways to organise your pinning and not forget where you pinned what,  download your FREE Quick Start Guide to Pinterest Scheduling.

Download your FREE Quick Start Guide to Pinterest Scheduling

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