Are you finding hard to move your blog from a hobby to something a bit more professional but are finding it hard to get organised and stay motivated?

Take your blog to the next level with these best blogging planners for beginners and more experienced bloggers alike.


Best Blogging Planners

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why you need a blogging planner

Most people who start blogging, start a blog because it's fun or because they think having a blog is going to bring traffic to their website and they'll be able to sell more of their products.

But what usually happens is that they don't have a plan, so they write about this and that and that other thing. And they end up pumping blog post after blog post, never quite getting it right and seeing that traffic goes down if they're not creating new content and scrambling to get it seen on social media constantly.

But because they didn't do any planning and don't have an editorial calendar, their blog is not getting them where they want to be. So they're stuck.

If you want to get organised with your blog and make progress, first you need to think about your goals and you need to be clear about how you're going to achieve it and decide on the type of content you need to create to do this.

Having a paper planner for your blog will help you visualise your goals and your priorities and can help you organise your schedule and your tasks so you become a much more focused and productive blogger.

This blog post about best blogging planners was published in 2020 and has been recently updated.

How do you know which is the right blogging planner for you?

When I was looking at planners to see if they would be good for me, I asked myself these questions:

Do you like it?

It might be a bit daft, but I think you are going to use a planner for a year you need to like the look of it.

Writing on something pretty makes me pay more attention and I try to be neater when I write.

Or is it just me?

Are you likely to work with it?

For example, I was given a Law of Attraction Planner last year but I found myself I couldn’t do it. I understand the Law of Attraction and up to a point I think it can work when it helps you to focus your efforts on the one thing you really want and it can help you work on your mindset.

But I just wanted something to organise my time and plan stuff and this planner had too much on the mindset, gratitude, affirmations, etc.

do you need a planner that's only for blogging?

It's up to you whether you want to have a planner you can use for blogging, your work and your family, or want to keep one separate for blogging.

Since most bloggers start doing their blogging as a hobby or a side hustle, being able to get all your work-family-blogging life organised and scheduled in one planner ce can be quite helpful. This way you see all your deadlines and appointments at a glance and you know how much time you have available for blogging.

But the advantage of having a blogging planner designed for bloggers is that it is going to help you look at every aspect of having a blog.

Because it's been designed by somebody that already has a blog and knows what you need. So it's worth trying out a specific planner for bloggers.

Is it easy to carry?

If you’re on the go all the time and plan to do some blogging on the move, you might want something a bit smaller. But if you're going to use your blog planner only at home, you can go for something a bit bigger, or a printable planner.

Is the price OK?

You can get a cheap planner from a shop and if all you want to do is write your to-dos, your deadlines and appointments, it will be OK.

But I found that having a planner that productivity experts who know what you need to do to become more productive has designed is a lot more useful than just bumbling along. And it's even better if you get a planner designed by a blogger.

I've been looking for the best blogging planners for a while and I've made a list of 9 different planners for bloggers.

They're all different and serve different purposes, and you'll find printed planners, digital planners and printable blogging planners.

I am going to give you my top 3 next, but check out the rest, you might find you prefer one of the others.

my favourite top 3 blogging planners


I can't fault this planner or its price. It's the cheapest planner in the list, and it has all the information any beginner blogger needs to start getting more organised.


This is the perfect blog planner for experienced bloggers or people with more than one website.
It's for you if you get lost trying to find all the information for your blog in all the different folders in Google Drive, DropBox, etc. and want a much easier way to access everything and plan your blog.
I gave it 4.5 stars because it can be a bit overwhelming and will take you a while to transfer everything you already have. But I think it's important to move all the important stuff to it.


Not everybody likes having a digital or printable planner, so here's my top choice for printed blog planners. This is the best blog planner if you want to gift it to a blogger friend or you just love working with books and writing things down. For bloggers that have been going for a while but need a little push. 
It will help you focus on the tasks you need to do to achieve your blogging goals by making you think about the right questions.

Best Blogging Planners: General Planners

The Passion Planner

I got my Passion Planner a while ago. I have been wanting this for a bit and decided to give myself an early Christmas Present.

Mine is undated, but the one I am linking to isn't, btw.

It's easy to use as your blogging planner and because you have every day divided into 30 minute sections, so you can use it to block periods of time. Also, you don't have to write in tiny handwriting cos everything fits.

Passion Planner Instructions

Instructions to use the Passion Planner

Passion Planner Month

Passion Planner Monthly layout

Passion Planner Weekly Layout

Passion Planner Weekly  layout

What's inside?

  • The RoadMap so you can design your goals and the path to reach them
  • Annual and Monthly Overviews
  • Monthly reflection 
  • Every day in your weekly layout is divided into 30 minute sections for time blocking
  • Plenty of pages for notes with grided or blank pages

Who is the Passion Planner for? This blogging planner is for bloggers who are more interested with juggling their blog and their personal and work life.

There are some sections that a blogger would need that aren't there, but you can do those online, create a planner yourself or get the printable planner I mention below.

What else can you do with your Passion Planner?

With the Passion Planner you also get to be a bit more creative. You can customise it. But you don't have to redo every section, as you would in a Bullet Journal

If you're not good at drawing, but want to add some of your personality to your planner, you can do that using some Bullet Journal Tools or use some of these stickers.

the panda planner

The Panda Planner is one of the most popular general planners out there, but would also be a brilliant planner you can adapt to your blogging.

The Daily section gives you plenty of room to set up your priorities, your schedule, and also plenty of room to add up to 10 individual tasks you need to do every day.

 This is a thinner planner, it's got 6 months worth of planning and is a good option if you want to try it.

It's a similar size to the Passion Planner, but this focuses on the daily views and you can go into a lot of detail in your daily tasks.

If you're one of those people that need to go into a lot of detail with their tasks because you get a sense of achievement every time you tick one off, this one is for you.

What's inside?

  • Monthly views
  • Weekly views
  • Daily views
  • Bonuses: Free information-packed ebooks on productivity, access to private membership community and a video quick start guide

Who's the Panda Planner for? For people who want a simple layout, need to see their progress to get motivated and want to develop good routines to increase their productivity.


The Passion Planner and the Panda Planner are excellent planners you can use to plan and organise your blog. 

But if what you're looking for is one of the best blog planners designed by bloggers for bloggers?

Here are some of the best:

The Create Blog and Editorial Calendar

I am a big fan of Meera. I have several of her products and I find her no nonsense way of talking very reassuring. She's very methodical and gives you all the details for what you need to do.

When she came up with the Create Blog and Editorial Calendar, I knew it was going to be excellent.

What's INSIDE?

This planner is 246 pages long and it has sections to help you work through:

  • The 5 Step Planning Process
  • Building your Online Platform - The Different Stages
  • Primer for Setting Goals
  • The 4 Major Blogging Tasks
  • Time Blocking

A section for your email and content strategies (I use her content strategies to never run out of ideas for my blog).

Being able to tie your content and your email strategies is one of the most effective things I have learnt from Meera because it helps you come up with ideas to connect with your audience, solve their problems and make more sales from your blog and your list.

And there are sections for your Q1 to Q4 goals and reviews. This is important, even when you start a blog as a hobby you should have some goals for every quarter.

If you don't have a goal, you'll end up wasting your time on things that won't make a difference to your bottom line, no matter how enjoyable.

Who is the Create Blog and Editorial Calendar for? Beginner bloggers or more experienced bloggers who love using paper planners. It's extremely helpful because it makes you set up your priorities and focus only on the tasks you need to work on for every stage of your blog.

the blog boss management system by Leanne from passive income superstars

Blog Boss Organisational System

The Blog Boss Management System is a course, so it's a bit different to all the other planners. 

The course includes video tutorials and text tutorials to show you how to use the system and Airtable.

It's not a difficult tool to use, but because there's so much information, it helps to have a walkthrough of all the sections. 


As well as the video and text tutorials, you get the templates for 6 bases (like spreadsheets, but nicer):

The Blog Boss Management System (with everything you need to run a blog) and 5 BONUS BASES: 2 decision tool bases (for blog posts and affiliate products) and 3 additional bases (Life Organisation, Survey Your Audience and Delegation).

Each base has different tables so you can access all your information. The Blog Boss Management System alone has 35+ tables.


Sounds a bit overwhelming, but don't panic, you don't have to use everything. I won't mention all the tables here, but thought I'd mention some general categories so you get an idea:

  •  collecting information (courses you are taking, blogging knowledge...)
  •  planning (blogging goals, project planner, affiliate product planner...)
  • content creation (blog post ideas, SEO keyword research, blog article planning...)
  • email marketing (email newsletter planning, lead magnet ideas, email campaign tracker...)
  • networking
  • social media (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram...)
  • tracking (affiliate product tracker, pitches, income tracker...)

Who is the Blog Boss Management System for? There's no reason why a beginner blogger can't use this system, even if you don't use all the tables, but I think it's best for more experienced bloggers who need a system to keep all the information in one place but don't have the time to figure it out by themselves. And don't worry, you can copy your Excel data into Airtable bases, Leanne shows you how to do this in the course.

Digital Product Boss system by leanne from passive income superstars

The Digital Product Boss System is like the Blog Boss Management System. They've both been created as Airtable bases and if you have one, you'll be able to work with the other one easily.

And if you're a blogger who sells digital products, you might want to consider getting both because they complement each other (even if you don't use every table in the base).

Digital Product Boss System

Should you get this blog planner if you're not ready for your first product?

I'd say no, you can always do your brainstorming in Google sheets, Airtable or even on a piece of paper.

But if creating a digital product is something you're going to be working on in the next quarter or so, get it now.

Cos it will help you know every stage of the process and you'll know all the little tasks you need to do to create and sell your first product.

And it all can be a bit overwhelming if you haven't done it before.

There are a lot of moving parts involved in selling digital products, and Leanne has done all the work for you, so you don't get lost.


There's 30 tables included in the planner, so I'm not going to name them all, but here are some categories and some examples:

  • Planner tables - goal planner, ebook planner, course planner, email funnel planner...
  • Tracker tables - Facebook Ads A/B tracker, Expenditure tracker, revenue and profit tracker...
  • Resources tables - Reading List, Resource Guide
  • Funnel calculator


But you'll also get these super useful resources:

  • A testimonial hub, so you can collect testimonials on autopilot.
  • A collaboration planner so you can delegate work to a VA or work with Facebook ad managers and everybody knows what they have to do.
  • A digital product roadmap, so you know exactly what you should be doing and when.
  • A research survey template, so you create products your audience loves.
  • Airtable training, so you know how it works.

Who is the Digital Product Boss System for? This is the best blog planner for bloggers who sell or are just about ready to sell digital products.

But it's also ideal for anybody who wants to sell digital products online, even if they don't have a blog. Because you can sell your products on Etsy, or sell them through Payhip (here's my Payhip review) and you still need to know what to plan and how to manage all the moving parts of selling a digital product.

50 page blog planner by angela from straycurls

I found this adorable blog planner, and I had to include it in this list. It's now been updated and contains 5 extra pages (Jan 2021).

50 Page Blog Planner

I just love the look of this blogging planner.  Each section is carefully designed so you don't miss anything. And there's usually space for you to add your own notes in most sections.

What's in it?

It has the usual sections you would expect in a blog planner, so I will not go into detail. You can check all the contents here.

But there are some sections worth mentioning:

I found this planner also helps you to get some clarity, with its Blog Vision Board, the Ideal Reader's Profile section, and a simple Project Planner.

There are also a couple of checklists and to-do pages great for people who tend to forget what to do every time they publish a blog post or for beginners. Like the Social Media Promotion or Blog Post Checklist.

What's good is that they're already done for you, but you can also add your own items, cos not everybody has the same workflows.

The only thing for me about this planner is that there are some pages that are just fillers, like the Month Cover Pages. But you don't have to print them if you don't want them.

What's new? It now has an extended blog post checklist that is now 3 pages, this is quite useful if you're new and are trying to figure out your blogging workflow cos it includes everything you need to do before you publish your blog post. It also has an additional Instagram post planner, and a competition URL sheet as well.

Who is the 50 page Blog Planner for? Given the price ($7 dollars last time I checked (22-01-2021), it is ideal for bloggers that are looking for a cheap planner to use on its own or together with one of their other planners. It's a brilliant planner for beginner bloggers who are starting to take their blog seriously.

easy marketing planner by kayla from ivorymix

Easy Marketing Planner

Even though this is not a blogging planner but a social media planner, I am going to add this planner here because planning your social media posts is going to help you promote your website more effectively. And it comes with enough content to make your blog content planning easier.

You get a set of spreadsheets and also a bunch of PDF files.

Best thing to do is to print the files you need at the beginning of each month and work through the prompts to fill your queue. 

What's in it?

  • 365-day content ideas and planner
  • 150+ Daily Hashtag Ideas and Prompts
  • 100+ Story Starters (including ideas for polls and story questions)
  • 60+ Blog post ideas
  • 12-Month Holiday and Seasonal Content Ideas
  • Visual Content Ideas and Prompts

Who is the Easy Marketing Planner for? For bloggers who never know what to post and are overwhelmed with all the minor tasks you need to do to get your post out there on social media.

My Affiliate Marketing Planner and Tracker

One of the tools I use for my blogs, is my affiliate marketing planner and tracker.

I do have to use it together with other planners. 

Cos I can't just use this on its own,  but it has stopped me creating content for the sake of creating content and missing out on affiliate earnings for my blog posts .

Affiliate Marketing Tracker

If you're always getting lost and forgetting where all the information for your affiliate programs and products is, you need this. 

It will also help you be more productive with your affiliate marketing efforts so you save time and you can focus on increasing your affiliate income with less effort.

What's in it?

A spreadsheet with

  • everything you need to keep track of all your links and affiliate program details
  • a tracker sheet for sales
  • a tracker sheet for your affiliate income
  • a planner sheet for your social media affiliate posts
  • and an affiliate marketing calendar to help you plan your campaigns.

A printable file including 3 pages you can print over and over again

  • a planner sheet for each of your products (writing a series of blog posts about one product will increase your earnings) 
  • a blog post planner sheet for specific blog posts 
  • a planner sheet for listicle blog posts (great for gift guides and other resources guides)

Who is the Affiliate Marketing Tracker and Planner for? This is for bloggers that feel like they're missing out on affiliate marketing income opportunities and need help to focus on writing the right type of content for their posts.  It will help if you write evergreen or seasonal content.

THE BLOG PLAN BY SUZY from start a mom blog

The Blog Plan

This is FREE and it's very helpful if you feel a bit lost and don't know what and when you need to do all your blogging related tasks.


The Blog Plan gives you a Planner so you can see everything in one place and you also get the monthly sheets you need to use every month.

It shows you where you need to focus your energies every month and you also get 4 actions to complete every month.

By breaking it down into smaller tasks, this plan helps you get organised and you know what steps you need to take to grow your blog from setting up the blog, what content to create and when to create your first product and how to launch it.

Some tasks are calendar dependent, that means that in November, it tells you to create Black Friday promotions, but if you're still not at that stage, it's OK for you to disregard and concentrate on the rest of the tasks. 

Who is The Blog Plan for? The Blog Plan is great for people who want to start a website from scratch or for bloggers in the first year cos it helps you see what parts of your blog you've been neglecting so you can address them. If you want a lot more detail, Suzi's course,  Blog By Number, is excellent.


Content Planning Assistant

If you already have a blog and what you're looking for is an easier way to plan your content, The Easy Content Planning Assistant can help you.


  • 12 monthly guides - super-helpful to know what kind of content people are searching for, so you know what to plan for the following month and what to update.
  • 2020-21 monthly calendars so you can jot down those important dates and start to plan when your content needs to be created.
  • Blog post planner and checklist -  this is a bit basic for me, cos I like to go into a lot more detail but you can use it to do your own.
  • An editorial calendar in Notion you can use to plan when everything needs to be done
  • BONUS - walkthrough of how to use the basics of Notion so even if you have never heard of it before, you can get the most out of this brilliant organisational tool

Who is The Easy Content Planning Assistant for? It's best for people who do a lot of seasonal content, so for people in niches like food, crafts, home and family, DIY, fashion... It saves you having to figure out for yourself what content to create. 

one last blog planning option for creative bloggers

scribbles that Matter bullet journal

So, in my search of the perfect planner for bloggers, I found that some times I'd use part of a planner but not use others or that I didn't particularly like the layout of one of the sections, so I'd ignore it.

And that seems like a such a waste for me.

But what if you could set up a planner just the right way for you?

That's what you get with a bullet journal. To be honest, they're not my thing.

Looking at an empty page freezes me and I find it hard to make it look pretty, but for creative bloggers who'd love to create their own planner, this is a great option.

What are bullet journals?

A bullet journal is an empty notebook. It's usually dotted so it's easier for your to draw and design your journal.

You can add sections to record your goals, log daily tasks, keep a monthly or weekly calendar, write down notes, use it as a tracker or as a journal in general.

And what's important is that you decide what goes in it and how you're going to use it.

And too help you design it you can use templates and stencils.

What's inside?

  • In this Scribbles That Matter journal you get 150+ 160gsm pages.
  • 3 index pages and a page for your key (including space for colour-coding) so you can archive your entries.
  • Pen Test page so you can try out your pens to see if they ghost or bleed through the pages (super useful).
  • A back pocket to store notes and other things.
  • 2 different bookmarks to easily flip between layouts.

Who is the Scribbles That Matter Bullet Journal for? It's for creative bloggers who have a clear idea of how they want to organise and plan their blog. If you are a beginner and don't know what you need, chose one of the others.

I hope you've found this list of best blogging planners and other types of planners for bloggers and online entrepreneurs helpful. 

Did my little reviews help?

If you haven't found one you like, though, or you need something to help you manage everything else in your live, I have a much more comprehensive list of fantastic planners for working moms here

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