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Find the best affiliate programs in Shareasale

Shareasale is one of the main affiliate networks and it gives you access to programs for all niches. But if you want to make the most of it, you need to be able to find the right affiliate programs.  And finding the right affiliate programs for you is not just about looking for a product you […]

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3 ways to find affiliate products in your niche

The other day I got an email from one of my subscribers. She wanted to know what to do to find affiliate products in her niche. For most niches, finding the products you’d love to promote in your blog is quite easy. And the 3 ways I explain in this blog post will surely help.  But in […]

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Black Friday Campaign Tips

I have been doing sales campaigns for a few years and Black Friday sales campaigns for a couple of years now. And this year it’s been a bit of a disaster for me. I usually have a list of things I know I need to do, but I didn’t manage to put all of them in […]

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How to use the Amazon Link Builder Plugin

When you have a blog, people from all over the world can find it. This also means that people all over the world are going to click on the Amazon affiliate links you use in your posts.But are you monetising your international traffic? Are you missing out on income these international visitors to your blog […]

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12 Amazon Affiliate Mistakes that will get you banned

The Amazon Associates Program is one of the most popular affiliate programs to monetise your blog. But it is easy to make mistakes because there are so many rules and so many requirements that it can be pretty overwhelming for new bloggers. Some mistakes will mean that you will not make as much money as you […]

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