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Free Blogging Tools and Resources for Bloggers

Free resources for beginner bloggers. I don’t know any blogger that doesn’t use them when they get the chance. Even when you have an  old blog it’s good to be able to find some free stuff to learn something new, try new tools, or keep costs down. So in this blog post, I am going to […]

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Best planners for Bloggers

Are you running a blog on top of everything else you need to do? Getting your family, your work and your blog organised is not easy. You’re juggling so many things that it’s hard to know what you are supposed to be doing and when and meet all the deadlines. And it is hard to find […]

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3 crucial tools for beginner bloggers

There are hundreds of blogging tools about. There are graphic design tools, scheduling tools, productivity and time management tools, etc. But there are three crucial tools every new blogger needs to get during their first year as a blogger. Without them, it will be harder to get traffic to your blog and it will be harder for […]

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How to start a blog

Did you know it only takes 20 minutes to start a blog with Siteground?  I had web designer friends and they always made it look like it would be very complicated to have a website. Everything sounded very technical to me. And if you wanted to get somebody to build it for your, it was also […]

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Black Friday Campaign Tips

I have been doing sales campaigns for a few years and Black Friday sales campaigns for a couple of years now. And this year it’s been a bit of a disaster for me. I usually have a list of things I know I need to do, but I didn’t manage to put all of them in […]

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