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What to send your email list

Is not having a clue about what to send your email list putting you off starting one? The thing is that the main purpose of an email list is to make money for your business.  Whether it makes you money straight away or you prefer to focus on creating a relationships with your community first is for […]

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Best tips to create your first opt-in freebie

The earlier you start your email list to when you have a blog the better. But if you were thinking of creating a lot of content and adding a little form somewhere on in your blog posts saying “subscribe to my mailing list” you can forget about it. Most visitors to your website won’t do it. If […]

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Why you need an email list

Every blogger and online entrepreneur needs an email list. So why is it one of the things a lot of online businesses and bloggers neglect? If you are a new blogger and are focusing on creating content and driving traffic but haven’t yet started building your email list, you are missing out.  Keep reading to find out […]

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Black Friday Campaign Tips

I have been doing sales campaigns for a few years and Black Friday sales campaigns for a couple of years now. And this year it’s been a bit of a disaster for me. I usually have a list of things I know I need to do, but I didn’t manage to put all of them in […]

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Make your blog post go viral on Pinterest with Drip

It can take a few weeks to make your blog post go viral on Pinterest. But did you know you can use Drip or your own email service providerto give it a large push and make it go viral much sooner? It’s something very simple to do but a lot of people don’t do it and […]

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