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How I create social media graphics quickly with Stencil

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Creating beautiful social media graphics and images for your blog posts can be very time consuming if you don’t get organised or use the right tools. We all know that designing beautiful social media graphics is going to get you more engagement. But do you really want to spend as much […]

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8 Awesome tools guaranteed to save you time on social media

Have you ever considered that everything you do is a waste of time if you don’t automate your social media work? Why write several blog posts, or social media posts if your followers are only going to see them once? And what happens if they don’t click on it today? Is that it? Maybe they are […]

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6 Things you must do before you start using SmartLoop

SmartLoop is the new tool you can use in Tailwind to keep your evergreen and seasonal pins looping through your boards automatically.  If you used to use BoardBooster to loop your pins and have been missing its functionality, you can now automate your pinning with SmartLoop I have only just started to use it and so far […]

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3 Things about Pinterest I wish I had known when I started

I have a confession to make: I am slowly becoming obsessed with Pinterest. I already loved Pinterest as a private user. I have lots of great boards that give me ideas for DIY, products to buy, etc. But I had never used it for marketing. I did a lot of work on Facebook and Twitter and […]

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Does Pinterest Marketing work in every niche?

Is Pinterest marketing going to work in your niche? This is a question I asked myself more than a year ago. Of course I had used Pinterest as a user but, as a marketer, I had not used Pinterest at all. Because I didn’t think it would work for my usual niches. So I never took it seriously.It […]

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