Female entrepreneurs now have lots of choices to choose stylish feminine WordPress Themes. But it's not always easy to know which one to choose.

And while I think that you can wait a little bit to pay for a theme when you start your blog,  if you're planning to sell your products or offer your services from the start,  having an attractively designed WordPress theme will help you make a great impression and increase conversions.

So check out this blog post for some of the most beautiful WordPress Themes for female entrepreneurs this year.


Best Feminine WordPress Themes

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Why choose a Premium WordPress Theme

Unlike other bloggers, I don't think you should get a Premium WordPress Theme as soon as you start a blog.

If you're a beginner blogger, you can wait a few months while you're building your content before you get a Premium WordPress theme. 

But if you're selling your products or your services and want to create the best impressions, having a professionally designed theme is an investment you must make.

Reasons why you need to invest in a paid WordPress theme:

  • A Premium WordPress theme can help you create a professional and strong impression on your readers.
  • Most of these paid themes are customisable so you can get them looking the way you want them.
  • When you pay for a WordPress theme you get developer and technical support, so if there are any bugs or you encounter any hiccups, you can get in touch with them to sort them out.
  • Once you pay for a WordPress theme, it's yours. So, unless you pay for a subscription service, you only pay once.
  • WordPress themes are generally quite affordable.  $50-$150 can get you a good quality and reliable theme. 

How to choose the best WordPress theme for you

When you're looking for the perfect feminine WordPress theme for your website, there are a few things you need to bear in mind:

  • Simple is good - If you're a solopreneur you don't need all the bells and whistles that you can see in some companies websites. 
  • Easy to use - Creating a website is much easier than it used to be and using the right theme means you can create it yourself without having to pay for designers.
  • Responsive - With an increasing number of people using mobiles and tablets to access websites, it's important to use WordPress themes that will display the information in the right format for every user.
  • SEO optimisation - FREE WordPress themes might not be optimised for SEO, but paid themes are.

And some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Do you like the look of it?
  • Does it fit your brand?
  • What are you going to use it for? Blogging? Selling your services? Selling your products? As an affiliate niche site?
  • What other tools and plugins are you going to need? Will the theme play nicely with those?
  • How easy is it to use?
  • Will you have access to updates?
  • Does it come with templates for sales and landing pages?

How I chose this list of feminine WordPress Themes

There are hundreds of WordPress themes for women out there, and it can get pretty difficult to choose where to get them from. 

So I've been looking around for Feminine WordPress Themes for a while and I've selected some of my favourite WordPress themes for female bloggers and entrepreneurs from some of my favourite providers. 

I have selected the themes based on the way they look, their ease of use, and their versatility. So you can find one that you can adapt to your website, no matter the niche. And they're all mobile responsive as well.

They vary in price but I think you'll agree any of these WordPress Themes will look great on your website. 

Best feminine wordpress themes for beginners: Bluchic's WordPress Themes

I'd recommend any of Bluchic's feminine WordPress Themes to beginners and people that don't know how to code or are afraid of breaking their site. They're easily customisable with Elementor's FREE plugin. 

Some of Bluchic's themes for female entrepreneurs work out cheaper than some of the other choices because you don't need to buy a framework for them.

This is an ideal WordPress theme for ladies who have a service-based business, but if you like the look of it, Bluchic also has the same theme adapted to businesses that sell products and it's called ChicShop.

This theme is very stylish but also easily flexible to meet all your needs and, like all of Bluchic's Themes, it is very easy to customise also.

And I think they also offer this theme for DIVI.

WordPress Themes for Women

I think this theme, also from Bluchic, it's still feminine but not as girly as some of the others, so if you want a cleaner look this one is for you!

Samantha theme

Samantha is also an easy to use Theme from Bluchic and it's ideal if you want to sell retail and digital products using Woocommerce. It has a minimalistic and modern design.

Jaqueline theme

This is ideal for consultants that want a stylish theme to make a great impression on their clients and grow their email list. Also by Bluchic.

Check out some of the best #WordPressThemes for #femaleentrepreneurs! 

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Victoria Theme

Victoria is also a great theme if you want to grow your list, and is also designed to work with Woocommerce, so it will work for you whether you're a blogger, a consultant or want to sell your digital products on your website. Also by Bluchic.

If you're a lifestyle or style blogger, this is a great theme, allowing your to display large images in an above-the-fold slideshow with large images. 

Best feminine wordpress themes for instagrammers - WordPress Themes by Restored 316 Designs 

Another great choice for awesome Feminine WordPress Themes is Restored 316 Designs.

I have chosen themes that are Gutenberg optimised, so you know they're going to work with the new editor.

They all require you to use the Genesis Framework, so great for Genesis lovers.  If you use ConvertKit for your email marketing, you'll love that their themes are styled for ConvertKit, so no need to style your forms.

They also come with a custom Instagram page you can use for your Instagram Bio.

These themes are very reasonably priced, but if you're undecided and you're not sure which Theme is best for your website and want a bit more flexibility, getting Restored 316 Designs Shimmer Pass will give you access to all their themes while you're a member.

Anchor is a great theme for content creators but is also great for food bloggers, with added styling for the Jump to recipe button for WP Recipe maker plugin. 

Great for content creators, bloggers and book authors. With four home page designs and multiple page templates to get your website looking just the way you want. Also works with Woocommerce

Beloved is a lovely WordPress theme that works well for bloggers as well as online entrepreneurs. It's feminine but without all the frilly bits.

Again, it's a theme with different layout possibilities but still quite simple. 

Love how this theme is going to highlight your brand colours. If you are looking for a fun theme, Sprinkle looks fantastic.

I think it would look great on a craft blogger's site, don't you? And I love the sticky announcement bar.

This theme looks great for lifestyle bloggers or food bloggers if you're looking for a crisp, clean look. You also have a custom blog page with a few extra options to get your blog looking just the way you want it. It features SEO benefits, ads, and affiliate networks.

You'll love the different layouts and the different ways you can display your blog posts. It's quite a versatile theme and would suit most niches. With flexible widget spaces that will automatically format for you without ever touching a line of code. 

best feminine wordpress themes for genesis lovers - StudioPress WordPress Themes

All StudioPress Themes are mobile responsive and Gutenberg ready. And you can get your Theme and Genesis Framework together. They have a large selection and you'll find themes that are feminine but can still appeal to male readers.

Another option you have with Studiopress is to sign up for Genesis Pro, so you can get access to all their themes. 

Genesis Pro builds on the Gutenberg block system and allows you to add Genesis Pro blocks without leaving the WordPress Editor. This is important if you want to future-proof your blog. 

And if you want to have the freedom to add different types of sales pages, landing pages and others, Genesis Pro gives you already designed layouts that will make your work easier.

If you're looking for a minimalist theme, No Sidebar by StudioPress is a simple theme that will work for a book authors or professionals. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles but will do for a clean simple look where the content is the star. 

Gallery Pro is also quite simple and minimalistic. With a winning combination of full-stretch and gallery images as well as beautiful typography. Use the flexible widget areas to to fit your brand.

Revolution is another minimalist Theme that is ideal for Lifestyle bloggers that don't want to go for a girly site.

Built from the base up with blocks so you can customise those modules so it's very flexible and you can modify it easily.

It is also great for an agency or a small businss, and it comes with 5 Home Page examples so you can choose the one your prefer. You can see all 5 in the demo.

This theme is also Woocommerce ready.

Best feminine wordpress themes for creatives - WordPress Themes by Pretty Darn Cute

One of the things I like about Pretty Darn Cute's themes is that they have some very different layouts, so if you're looking for something that's a bit more quirky to reflect your personality, that's a designer you want to look up.

The themes are easy to install and use the Genesis Framework. 

Pretty Creative WordPress Theme

Pretty Creative Theme

Pretty Creative is a WordPress theme ideal for creatives. Well, doh! It's obvious, really, but it's great for displaying your own photos and images and it will help you showcase your products. 

This theme is great if you plan to have monetise your blog with ads, cos it already includes ad space on every single page for you. It also has a featured widget area at the bottom of each page and is eCommerce ready! 

Homepage is custom widgetised. And widgets are highlighted as well, so great for adding CTAs, lead magnets...

I must admit if I were looking for a new theme I'd find it hard to choose from some of these...

And what about you? Which one is your favourite? 

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