Is not being able to get enough blog traffic keeping you awake at night?

Every blogger fears they're not going to make it because nobody is going to look at their posts. Getting traffic is not something that happens overnight for most people.

But there are things you can do increase your blog traffic quickly and cheaply. Most are free, so keep on reading to find out what you can do to get more visitors to your posts.


How to gain more visibility as a new blogger

Send more traffic to your new blog

Send more traffic to your new blog


How to send more traffic to your new blog

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Getting readers to your blog fast is very important when you are a newbie blogger. But it's also important for you to be able to do it for FREE.

So let's start with a few FREE ways to increase your traffic, shall we?

How Facebook Groups boost your blog traffic

Facebook groups with promotional threads can be a great help if you're starting out. The important thing here is to join groups that are relevant and follow promotion threads once or twice a week. 

How to find Facebook Groups

From your Facebook Home, click on Groups on the left side menu, under Explore:

Facebook groups

Then you can either click on Discover and you will see a range of groups Facebook thinks are relevant for you:

Discover Facebook Groups

Or you do a search. Try to be specific for example, I searched for Craft Bloggers groups. 

Craft blogger facebook groups

Then check if there are any rules or information about promotion threads. If you can't find any, join the group and see what it's like when you're in, you can always leave.

Web Hosting

How does it work? 

Once a week (sometimes it's more often but it is usually because there are different types of threads) you're allowed to post your link as a comment in the relevant post or on the wall of the group.

It's best if you are specific and ask for what you want so people know what to do:

  • comment on your blog
  • share it on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter
  • give feedback
  • sign up for your freebie
  • ...

And write a little description about what the post is about, don't just add the link. 

Types of Promotion Threads

Different groups work differently, so you need to check the rules in each group. A few of the usual threads are to:

  • Share your blog post
  • Get Pinterest followers
  • Join Pinterest group boards
  • Get Twitter followers
  • Post your freebies
  • ...

The next image is a promo thread from a Facebook Group called Ladies blog for Business:

Facebook Group Promo Thread

Why you should use Facebook groups to improve your blog visiblity

It takes a little bit of time every day or couple of days to check the threads, post and share other people's posts, but the good thing for you is that you get results almost immediately. If you ask for share, people tend to do it straight away, they don't go and schedule it for next month.

Also, collaboration threads can mean that you can find out about guest posting opportunities and guest posting can get you a whole new audience as well as backlinks to your bog!


If you want to use Facebook groups to get more blog traffic, you should always follow the rules so you don't get kicked out. That's obvious.

But there are also a couple of things you need to know about Facebook:

1. Facebook doesn't like it when you spam people. I am not saying that you're going to do it, but what seems reasonable to you and to me is not seen as reasonable by Facebook. 

If you post the same links to several groups within a short period of time, you will start seeing that your links disappear from the comments.

It's not the Admin of the group deleting your posts, it's Facebook.

This means that Facebook thinks you're spamming and it's blocking your comments that include links.

If this happens to you and you try to post links again, the block will last for longer, so try to wait for a couple of months before you post again.

TIP:  Share links to your pins instead of sending traffic directly to your blog post and try to stagger the blog posts you share to each group, so the same post is not going to all the groups during the same week.

Follow more people in social media

If you are active on Twitter and Pinterest, one way to get more visibility is to follow more people. A proportion of them will follow you back. 

When they follow you back, you can also send them a DM asking them a question or sending them to one of your blog posts or pages. You can do this automatically with a tool like SocialBee or with Crowdfire.

But don't just follow anybody: ONLY follow people that you think are a good fit for what you do, follow other influencers and follow their followers, but only the ones that you think are a good fit.

This is not just good for sending people to your blog but sending them to your products, your affiliate marketing products, your freebies...

Does this impact on your blog traffic?

Well, when you start, your blog traffic is going to come mainly from social media.

SEO is something that is not going to happen during the first few months, even the first year, and you're not going to spend money on post promotion. 

So growing your social media profiles is where you start. 

The more people that follow you, the more people are likely to see and share what you post.  

#BLOGTRAFFICTIP: For Pinterest, follow 50 people every day for a week or so, and for Twitter you can follow up to 200 people per day. #bloggingtips #Bloggerssparkle

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want more traffic boosting tips?

Blog Traffic Book by The She Approach

Publish your blog posts on Medium to increase your blog traffic

Publishing your posts in Medium is FREE, it's easy, it only takes a few minutes and with it you could reach a lot of people more quickly.  

Very briefly, this is how it works:

  • click on My Stories under your Profile
  • click Import Stories
  • add the URL to your blog post
  • edit your blog post (check that everything is where it should be)
  • publish it

Getting guest blog posting opportunities in Medium is also easier than applying to the same publications outside of  Medium, so it's worth a shot.

Use Hashtags 

You can use hashtags for Twitter and Instagram.

Hashtags are keywords that give people an idea about the topic of a post.

To be honest, I have no idea how they work on Instagram. But not using them on Twitter is a big mistake:

Tweets have a very short life-span and they move so fast down the feed that you can barely keep up with what's going on.

That's why people use hashtags to find the things they are interested in. They don't have to follow you in order to find you, either.

You can also use trending #hashtags to promote your tweets.

How you can get more retweets with hashtags

You can use hashtags to indicate the topic of your blog, but you can also use hashtags to get more retweets. 

There are lots of blogging profiles that will retweet your posts when you use their hashtag or mention them (include their handle in your post). For example, you can use the hashtag #bloggerclan or the handle @Lovingblogs to get more retweets, followers and traffic.

Looking for the perfect social media scheduler for your business? Check out this blog post.

Use Tailwind communities

If you have never tried Tailwind, one of the best features for new bloggers is being able to join Tribes in their niche. They work a bit like the Facebook groups, you add your content to it, and then share somebody else's content. 

You can start using Tailwind Communities for free, but after a little while you might need to use a Tribe Power-Up so you can submit more pins and join more Communities.

Why Communities are important for a new blogger.

With Tailwind Communities you are getting access to POTENTIALLY thousands of followers when you may only have a couple of hundred followers.

It depends very much on who shares your pins, of course: Sometimes they are being shared to a board with only 30 followers, but other times your pin will be shared to group boards with 10s of thousands of followers. Sometimes your pin gets shared once and other pins will have 10s of shares... 

And you're not going to get results immediately because people don't visit their Communities every day. 

To see what the average growth rate looks like for all members of Tailwind, check out their Typical Results of Tailwind for Pinterest Members.

Also, they tend to schedule it for later, so it might take a few weeks for your pin to be shared by them, but it is still something that is very inexpensive for a new blogger and will get you more visitors over time. 

If you use Tailwind's Communities chats, you can also collaborate with other bloggers.

updating your older blog posts

It might sound counterintuitive to work on old blog posts instead of creating more content, but if you want to boost traffic to a particular blog post, one of the best things you can do is to update it.

Updating blog posts is usually done when you have blog posts that are over a year old, so your SEO has had time to work, but there's no harm in doing it sooner if you have a blog post that works well as an affiliate post or a post that's already driving some traffic to your website.

Even if you just add a couple of images or a quote to your post, it can give it a little boost. And don't forget to share it on social media!

using pinterest to increase your traffic

There's a lot of talk lately about Pinterest not being what it used to be, but it's still a good source of traffic for a lot of bloggers. Pinterest is a place where people go to look for ideas, solutions to their problems or tutorials on how to do things. So provided you use the right keywords and you create attractive pins, you will be able to drive Pinterest traffic to your content.

One tip, I'd like to give you, though, is to be mindful of how often you share pins to the same URL. Doing it too often, might make Pinterest consider it as spam.

You can schedule your pins on the Pinterest scheduler or use the Tailwind's FREE plan. For more details about what you get with their FREE plan, check out the pricing.

Hope you found these tips helpful. What's your best tip to get more blog traffic?

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