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Do you want to start monetising your blog with Affiliate Marketing but you don't know where to start? Or perhaps you've been doing it for a while but are not getting results? Or are you feeling overwhelmed cos there's so much to do? Or do you keep wasting opportunities cos you don't have time?

If you're struggling with Affiliate Marketing here are some resources and tools that will help you. With these you will be able to create an Affiliate Marketing strategy for your niche, learn the tips and tricks of seasoned affiliate marketers and save time promoting your affiliate links.

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Using the right tools can make a huge difference to how much time you save. And, when it comes to Affiliate Marketing in particular, they can also make a difference to the amount of money you make.

Social Bee
Social Media Scheduler


SocialBee is one of the newer social media schedulers on the market. I had tried Smarterqueue before and love it. But I needed more categories and longer queues so I could fit all my "content" posts and my "affiliate marketing" posts. It's not as sophisticated but they regularly make improvements and have great customer service. 

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite
Social Media Scheduling


Affiliate marketing on Pinterest works really well. But you don't want to do it manually cos keeping track of everything takes time. Using Tailwind Tribes you can reach a much wider audience and SmartLooping your affiliate pins will save you hours of work. 

Tasty Links by Wp Tasty

Tasty Links

Tasty Links is an Affiliate Marketing Plugin that saves you time by autolinking keywords you usually include in your affiliate marketing posts to products you love. Once you have added a new keyword and link, it will AUTOMAGICALLY add it to ALL your blog posts. Best for cooking and crafting bloggers.



Thirstly Links is also an Affiliate Marketing Plugin that can save you a lot of time and help you remember all your links. So you don't have to have your files in front of you. You can use the free version but with the paid version it will also autolink. This one has a lot more features if you use the paid version.

Laptop with affiliate marketing tracker product info
A Tracker

Affiliate Marketing Tracker and Planner

This Affiliate Marketing Tracker  and Planner keeps everything organised for you so you always have all the information at your fingertips. It also helps you keep track of your income and plan your affiliate campaigns and saves you time.

Affiliate Programs Master list
An Affiliate Programs List

Affiliate Programs List

If  you want a list of affiliate programs organised by niche so you don't have to spend time looking around get this. But if you don't want to pay you can read a couple of the blog posts further down  where you will find tips to find the best affiliate programs and products.

Thrive Architect landing pages
A Landing Page Builder

Thrive Architect

The way Thrive Architect helps me with my Affiliate Marketing in this blog and others is by allowing me to create resource pages  easily and quickly. I also use it to create  symbols I can use again and again so I can add CTAs in my blog posts in a couple of clicks.

BUT there's a big BUT:  You can not use affiliate link plugins when you're using it to edit your posts. So you'll need to decide which is going to save you the most time and make things easier for you: An Affiliate Plugin or the landing page builder.

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Learning Resources

One of the first things you need to do is learn how to do Affiliate Marketing the right way. If you want to save yourself hours and hours of work trying to figure out how to do things the right way, here are some courses and books that will help you.

From 0 to Superhero - affiliate marketing training bundle
Affiilate Marketing Course

From Zero to SuperHero

SocialBee is one of the newer social media schedulers on the market. I had tried Smarterqueue before and love it. But I needed more categories and longer queues so I could fit all my "content" posts and my "affiliate marketing" posts. It's not as sophisticated but they regularly make improvements and have great customer service.

Want to increase your affiliate marketing income through Pinterest or make some extra money through Pinterest? In this blog post you will find 3 resources I have used to start making money from the start of my blog
Affiliate Marketing Course

Pin to Profits: Affiliate Marketing

Learn how to earn money with affiliate marketing with Pinterest even if you don't have a blog. It's got some great advice on the boards you need to create and how to design your Affiliate Marketing Pins. This is the course that helped me make my first Pinterest sale.

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers
Affiliate Marketing Course

Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

Great course for beginner bloggers and affiliate marketers.  With lots of tips on how to improve your content and increase conversions. There are also useful examples from real blog posts that you can use to compare to your own content and learn how to do it better.

Find out how to make money with Amazon affiliates even with a small blog
Affiliate Marketing Book

How to make money with Amazon Affiliates

If you have a small blog and want to become an Amazon Associate this is a good choice. You will get lots of strategies and tips to help you start and make more money with your Amazon links. With tasks you can work through and advice on the type of blog posts you need.

Affiliate Marketing Books on Amazon

If you want to learn about Affiliate Marketing, you can also find books in Amazon books. They tend to be more general, though.

Here are some books have selected. Some you can access for free with an Audible FREE trial, by the way. It's one of the ways you can save time when you need to read a book. 😉

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