So you want to start a blog and you don’t know what is the best webhost to use.

I was in the same situation a while ago. To say I didn’t have a clue is an understatement. I had a very basic knowledge of WordPress and how to use it, but I hadn’t had to do all the technical stuff to set up my web hosting and the rest of stuff you need to do to start a blog.

So how did I decide which website host was the best for me?


The Best Webhost for New Bloggers

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What I did is spend a few days doing some research online and I ended up with a list of reasons why SiteGround was the best webhost for a beginner blogger like me.

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#1 SiteGround is officially recommended by WordPress

They must know what they’re doing, I thought.

In any case, it meant that I eliminated some other hosts from my list because they were not recommended by WordPress.

#2 Customer service is great

When I started, I got a phone call straight away to ask if I needed any help, which I was not expecting at all.

This is also one of the reasons why many other bloggers consider SiteGround as their #1 webhost choice. 

Customer service is fantastic and they deal swiftly with any problem you may have.

#3 Price

I got a 3-year contract with an offer of 70% off. When I got it, it cost me £2.75 a month. It was one of the cheapest I could find, and it had an excellent reputation.

But it's not just about the price, SiteGround gives you a ton of value for what you pay.

#4 WordPress support

SiteGround’s customer services are happy to help when you need advice or you have a problem with WordPress.

They’re only one chat or phone call away.

And they respond quickly to your queries.

#5 Other bloggers opinions

There are countless posts in Facebook Groups where people ask for recommendations. Most people with small to medium blogs say SiteGround is the best webhost, while some of the biggest names recommend Bluehost.

I decided to follow the advice of the little guys.

Here’s a post where people recommend SiteGround. I blurred the profiles to preserve their privacy.

Why I chose Siteground as my website host

#6 Starting a blog with SiteGround is fast

You can start your blog in only 20 minutes from the moment you choose your plan to installing WordPress and starting to write your first blog post or page.

Web Hosting

#7 Best Free WordPress themes

You can get going with one of their best FREE themes. I just went with the one that hey had installed and I explain why here.

You have some great choice to get you going before you buy a Premium WordPress Theme.

Best webhost for beginner bloggers

#8 It’s safe

As I mentioned above, SiteGround is recommended by WordPress.

But it is also important that your website and your content safe. SiteGround backs up your website every 24 hours so you don’t lose all your work. 

3 of my favourite places for WordPress Themes

Studio Press Themes
Bluchic WordPress Themes
Restored 316 Themes

#9 SiteGround‘s customer service is great

Did I mention customer service is great?

I mean if you are like me and don’t have a clue about WordPress or web hosting, you’re probably going to end up calling them (several times).

#10 Your website is always up

If you have a website you don’t want to worry about your website being down and people not being able to read your blog posts:

12 reasons to choose Siteground

#11 Great reviews

It’s not just bloggers that rave about SiteGround but also independent review sites. This review is from

Do you want to start a blog or move to a different web host? Check out this blog post to find out why I chose Siteground

#12 Fast loading speeds

You don’t want your readers to wait for ages for your pages to load, or they might get tired and leave.

This is particularly important if your website has lots of graphics or video tutorials.

My experience with Siteground so far

I started this blog a while ago and all I can say is that using SiteGround has been the most hassle-free and stress-free experience for me.

I don’t have to worry about my website being down and I know I can always call them when I have a problem.

That's why I'd recommend any new blogger to start a blog with SiteGround, the best webhosting choice for beginners.

Why I chose Siteground (and you should too)

12 reasons why beginner bloggers should use Siteground as their website host

12 reasons to choose siteground as your website host

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  1. Siteground has a solid reputation in the WordPress industry no doubt about that. But I think many bloggers who are starting do not realize that going with a shared hosting plan actually slows down the potential of gaining higher SERPs in the start.

    Going with a dedicated server with dedicated IP address and SSL installed can make it more likely for Google to rank you above the competition.

  2. I just want to support your opinion of SiteGround Laura and I share your thoughts. I migrated to SG from another host last July and all my blogs have gone from strength to strength as a result. Excellent support, value for money and overall a top notch hosting platform.

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