How to create designer quality pins with Tailwind Create

Would you believe me if I said you could optimise your Pinterest marketing workflow as well as create the most gorgeous pin designs in minutes with the help of Tailwind's brand new tool Tailwind Create?

Let me show you what's wrong with your Pinterest marketing workflow and how Tailwind Create could be the solution for you.


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We're not all born with a creativity muse on our shoulder. So you might feel like you don't really know how to use the colours you've chosen for your branding, that you don't have a clue about design principles or what works and what doesn't.

And then you spend hours trying to come to grips with your graphic design program. Some of them are easy, it's true, but others have a steep learning curve and you're too busy to spend the time learning how they work.

So you end up looking at your pins and feeling underwhelmed and wish you hadn't wasted so much time creating them.

How to optimise your Pinterest marketing workflow with Tailwind Create

Pin it for later?

Busy? Why not Pin it for later?

Thank you!

The problem with your Pinterest content creation process:

You write your blog post, craft tutorial, yummy recipe or creating your brand new product. You've done all your SEO work, proof-read and edited the text, etc. 

Now you add your images to your web content, they can be screenshots you've already taken, photos you've taken yourself, an infographic or even a short video. 

If you don't have your own photos, using stock photos will give your content a professional look. Check out IvoryMix and Pixistock for feminine photos and DepositPhotos for male and female niches.

Creating your pins without tailwind create

So now you have your photos, you have to upload them to your graphic design program. And it's time to create 5-10 pins for your new content.

But since you're not so great at designing, you choose some templates you see in your graphic design program and start adapting them by changing your fonts, your colours...

But things don't quite work with the images you have or the words you have, so you're fiddling with colours, layers, shapes, adding arrow and other elements... And by the time you finished you've spent hours doing them.

Photo by Jeshoots 

OK, finally! You've got your images, so it's time to download them again to your computer so you can start sharing them on Pinterest. 

Scheduling your pins

I am not sure if you're scheduling them manually or using a scheduler, so let's look at both

Scheduling your Pins manually

Scheduling your pins for FREE takes ages and I'd only recommend it if you've just started your blog and don't have much content yet. But let's go through the process anyway.

First you go to Pinterest and create a Pin.

Create a Pin

Then you upload the image you've created, add a Pin Title, Add a description and Add the URL, choose the board and the time and schedule the pin.

Create a Pin on Pinterest

And if you want to pin your pin to more than one board, you'll need to duplicate your pin.

By the way,  Pinterest keeps your image, the title and the URL, but not the description. So you'll need to vary it or copy it again to each pin.

And then you'll need to schedule every individual pin to each board you want to pin.

Create a Pin on Pinterest

The problem with this way of pinning is that you can only schedule pins for the next 14 days, so if you have, let's say 10 boards to pin to, you can't schedule them all in one go. Cos it's not good practice to pin the same pin to different boards too close together.

So you're going to have to keep track of the pins you've pinned, which you were going to do anyway cos your brain is a sieve and you won't remember, anyway.

So you create an Excel sheet or a base in Airtable and keep track of each pin (image, title and pin description) and when you pinned it to which boards. Which is a bit of a pin, sorry, pain.

Now, all of this is doable. But it's not efficient.

Scheduling your pins Using a scheduler

Using a scheduler makes things a lot easier, but the process is still similar.

It doesn't matter if you're using your usual social media scheduler or Tailwind, though Tailwind is my favourite.

It's an approved Pinterest partner and it's features are designed specifically for Pinterest. So I wouldn't dream of using anything else.

If you're not using Tailwind yet, sign up here and schedule your first 100 pins for FREE

If you're working on some brand new content, you can use more than one image on your blog posts, hide them using TastyPins and use your scheduler's extension to schedule them all in one go. 

But if you don't do that, or if you're updating an old blog post, you'll have to upload all the pins you created.

Scheduling Pins using Tailwind

Then, you add the details manually  to each pin. Don't forget to change the URL to point to your content to get the title, though this can be changed.

Scheduling Pins on Tailwind

Let's go back to preparing your pins in your scheduler, Tailwind in my case, once you've sorted your pin Title and Pin descriptions, you schedule your posts to all the boards

Scheduling Pins on Tailwind

And you're done!

Well, sort of.

Now go back to your computer and move all the pin designs you've already scheduled and moved them somewhere so you know you don't have to schedule them again.

I can't tell you how many times I've lost track of some of my images, cos I don't always have time to create and schedule everything in one go.

To sum up

You've spent ages finding images, uploading and downloading files from one app to another, figuring out how to track what you've pinned and what you haven't before you finally have everything scheduled and you're ready to start again.

But all you could get this done much more quickly and more easily with Tailwind Create!

If you're not using Tailwind yet, click here to try it for free for your first 100 pins.

click here to request early ACCESS TO TAILWIND CREATE

And don't forget to use the code CREATEPARTNER2020 in the last question of the survey to move up the waitlist!

Let me show you how:

Add some Magic to  your Pinterest marketing workflow

Now imagine you could wave a magic wand and create and schedule multiple designer-quality pins in minutes. Just like that.

And what if I told you you don't need to be Hermione Granger to do this?

But instead of a magic wand, you can use Tailwind Create.

What is Tailwind Create

Tailwind Create is a new tool created by Tailwind that creates multiple high-quality pin designs for you in seconds. Then you spend a few minutes editing a few pins you like and you can schedule them straight from Tailwind.

If you're still not using Tailwind to schedule your pins, sign up here before you can get access to Tailwind Create.

How does Tailwind Create work

Before I tell you how it works, I must warn you it's still in BETA, so things are a bit glitchy still and they're also changing because of all the feedback. Also, I am still not sure about the pricing for this specific feature as it's subject to change after launch.

But even if there are still issues, it's a must-have tool for you if you're creatively challenged. Plus, it's super-easy to use.

Step 1

Before you can start, you need to add your URL, your logo (if you wish), add a few colours from your palette and a couple of your fonts.

Setting Up Tailwind Create

Step 2

Click on Create New Design


Add the destination URL for your content. 

Creating a Pin with Tailwind Create

When you add your content's URL Tailwind Create pulls the title from your blog post, but you can change that. It also pulls any images you might have included in your content. If you want to use them, click on them. 

If you want to add some other image, you can either upload images you've already got or do a search for FREE stock photos, like I did in this example.

How to create a pin with Tailwind Create

They don't quite work for my brand colours, but I just wanted you to see that you can do it.

Step 4

Tailwind Create Shows you your pin designs, but now what you need to do is Filter the results by Content Type, Industry/Niche and Pin Format.

So you get the layout that works for your pin, for example, there's a Pin Format for how-to-posts, for adding a CTA, for highlighting a number... 

How to filter designs in Tailwind Create

Ready to try different looks now?

Step 5

 Some pins look great already, but others may have an issue with the colours, the photos or the layout.

Changing the look of a pin in Tailwind Create

You can click on change photo and change colours to rotate through them. If you need more changes, you can go into each pin and make more edits, change fonts, add elements or move things around a bit.

Step 6

You will see all the pins you've selected. Click the Go Schedule button to send your pins to draft.

How to schedule your pins with Tailwind Create
Step 7

Now you schedule your pins as usual, add your boards, make sure they all have a pin description, set the interval to leave for pinning to the next board and schedule.

Scheduling pins from Tailwind Create

Making a slight change to your content creation and Pinterest marketing workflow

Usually you create your pins and social media graphics and add them to your post before you publish them.  

But if you want to use Tailwind Create to make the pins you're going to use on your content and not just to make the extra pins, you'll have to publish the content first.

It won't take long, though, so it's worth considering doing this.

Ready to Try Tailwind Create? Sign up to Tailwind here before you can get access to Tailwind Create. And don't forget to add the code CREATEPARTNER2020 in the survey to move up the waitlist!

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