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my favourite top 3 blogging planners


I can't fault this planner or its price. It's the cheapest planner in the list, and it has all the information any beginner blogger needs to start getting more organised.


This is the perfect blog planner for experienced bloggers or people with more than one website.
It's for you if you get lost trying to find all the information for your blog in all the different folders in Google Drive, DropBox, etc. and want a much easier way to access everything and plan your blog.
I gave it 4.5 stars because it can be a bit overwhelming and will take you a while to transfer everything you already have. But I think it's important to move all the important stuff to it.


Not everybody likes having a digital or printable planner, so here's my top choice for printed blog planners. This is the best blog planner if you want to gift it to a blogger friend or you just love working with books and writing things down. For bloggers that have been going for a while but need a little push. 
It will help you focus on the tasks you need to do to achieve your blogging goals by making you think about the right questions.
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